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Author: Mihaela Mindicanu

The obligations of the sponsor in the sponsorship process

As part of the family sponsorship process, the sponsor commits to support the sponsored person during a certain period after obtaining permanent residence. This applies regardless of the family member sponsored: spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, child, parent or grand-parent.

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Medical inadmissibility

As part of the Canadian immigration process, an important step is the medical examination. This is a requirement for all applications for permanent residence. In the case of temporary residence (work and study permits, as well as visitors for more

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Temporary resident visa

A Canadian Temporary Resident Visa is an authorization to enter Canada and it expires once you enter the country (in the case of the single entry ones, very uncommon these days) or when the deadline is passed (if you have

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Medical examination in the immigration process

As part of the immigration process, candidates are required to pass a medical examination. This may also be a requirement for temporary residents who intend to stay more than 6 months in Canada. This post is about the importance of

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Dual citizenship

After 4 years of permanent residence a person may apply for Canadian citizenship. Here is a question we hear quite often : Do I have to renounce my citizenship in order to become a Canadian citizen?

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Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

Are you planning to travel to Canada? Find out who needs a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), what are the chances to obtain one, what can be done if the visa is refused, for how long the visa is issued

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News for Quebec Skilled Workers – Certified copies

Starting March 2012, the Quebec government made various changes in the regulations for the submission of an Application for a Quebec Selection Certificate, one being the requirement to present most documents only in certified copies (or originals). Obtaining a certified

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