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Tag: Sponsorship

The obligations of the sponsor in the sponsorship process

As part of the family sponsorship process, the sponsor commits to support the sponsored person during a certain period after obtaining permanent residence. This applies regardless of the family member sponsored: spouse, common-law or conjugal partner, child, parent or grand-parent.

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Sponsorship news (2)

One of the big concerns of the Canadian Government is marriage fraud. The authorities are changing the immigration system constantly, to be able to protect the newcomers as well as the Canadian society properly. The new change proposed yesterday will

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Spouse sponsorship news

A Canadian permanent resident or citizen has the right sponsor a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner under certain conditions. Should the sponsorship be accepted and the permanent residence granted, the sponsor will be financially responsible for 3 years, however there

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Good and bad news for parents and grandparents

Visas for 10 years, shorter processing times for the sponsorship applications in process and … suspension of the program. These are the changes that occurred lately for the parents and grandparents of the Canadian residents and citizens. For some these

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