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Category: Immigration process

Medical inadmissibility

As part of the Canadian immigration process, an important step is the medical examination. This is a requirement for all applications for permanent residence. In the case of temporary residence (work and study permits, as well as visitors for more

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Photo requirements in the immigration process

Whether for temporary or permanent residence applications, photos are a very important part of the process although it may sound like a small detail. If your photos do not comply with the government specifications, your process could be delayed by

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Medical examination in the immigration process

As part of the immigration process, candidates are required to pass a medical examination. This may also be a requirement for temporary residents who intend to stay more than 6 months in Canada. This post is about the importance of

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Immigration plan 2013 Canada

Immigration to Canada – 2013 Plan

The Canadian government has published the immigration plan for the year 2013. The accepted number of immigrants will be the same as in the last five years, meaning some 250,000 persons.

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Old federal immigration files will be closed

In order to remove the backlog of applications and to improve the immigration system, focus on the current need of skills on the market and on a better integration of the immigrants, the Canadian government made a decision shocking for

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Why some people get to immigrate and others don’t

Every year the Canadian government welcomes around 250.000 permanent residents. However the number of persons that apply for immigration programs is much higher than that. Today’s post is about the reason why some people succeed in their immigration processes and

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Growing Canada – 2011 Immigration Statistics

Canada welcomed a quarter of a million of immigrants in 2009, this admission rate being one of the highest in the world. It becomes a bigger home country every year, growing stronger and stronger thanks to newcomers. Here are some

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Spouse sponsorship news

A Canadian permanent resident or citizen has the right sponsor a spouse, common-law or conjugal partner under certain conditions. Should the sponsorship be accepted and the permanent residence granted, the sponsor will be financially responsible for 3 years, however there

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