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Temporary resident visa

A Canadian Temporary Resident Visa is an authorization to enter Canada and it expires once you enter the country (in the case of the single entry ones, very uncommon these days) or when the deadline is passed (if you have

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Tip of the week – Evaluate your properties

Before immigrating, get an official estimation of the real estate properties you own, this way if you sell them after you become a Canadian permanent resident, the estimated amount will not be considered as income, so no taxes on revenue

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New Quebec immigration fees

The Quebec Government announced new fees starting January 01, 2012 : Skilled workers (main applicant)    406 CAD Investors    4003 CAD Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons    962 CAD Accompanying member    156 CAD CAQ – student    104 CAD CAQ – temporary worker    182

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Citizenship applications – new procedures

Permanent residents applying for citizenship should be more careful and pay attention to every detail of the application, as the government has new procedures effective immediately – the incomplete files will be returned.

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Up to 1500$ to study French

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good level of French when you come to Quebec. The more so since the French spoken in the Belle Province (a nickname for Quebec, meaning the beautiful province) is different from

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