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Category: Friday promotion

Friday promotion – 10% discount

Saint Valentine’s Day is closer and closer. Canadian stores are full of love decorations, everything is pink and heart-shaped. Today’s post is dedicated to those in love with Canada and wishing to apply for permanent or temporary residence – we

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Friday (the 13th) Promotion

I do not suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia and I hope that neither do our readers. I rather take advantage of today to offer a 13% discount on the regular cost of a one-hour consultation. Its regular price is 135 dollars, the

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Friday promotion: Super Visa

The Canadian Government comes with good news for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and Permanent residents. Starting December 1 a new type of visa is issued – Super Visa – valid for ten years and granting the right to

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Friday Promotion – magic number 11

Since today is 11/11/11 we decided to make use of this number to offer a 11% rebate on our consultation on immigration. This meeting with a regulated immigration consultant at Martineau & Mindicanu is a great way to find answers

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Friday Promotion – 700 Thank You!

Yesterday we got to 700 “Likes” in our facebook page. We reached this number – modest but significant for our team at Martineau & Mindicanu – thanks to our readers and clients who have recommended us for a little more

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Friday promotion – “Study to immigrate” contest

Today’s promotion is particular, you qualify if: You intend to live in the province of Quebec You aren’t eligible for the usual immigration programs You are ready to invest a certain capital in order to obtain the Canadian permanent residence

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Friday Promotion – New York, New York

Though our firm has an expertise in the field of immigration and studies in Canada, we also offer English courses in the USA. Today’s Friday Promotion is to study English in the Big Apple at a better price – that

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