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Automated evaluation or personalized assessment?

I have read dozens of times in blogs and forums: “don’t waste money on immigration consultants or lawyers because everything you need to know is online and the government’s official websites have evaluations that tell you whether or not you

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Happy Easter!

On this special holiday we would like to send our best thoughts to all those who celebrate the Christian Passover. May this holy event bring joy in your life, peace in your home, harmony, love and forgiveness. Happy Easter!

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Why some people get to immigrate and others don’t

Every year the Canadian government welcomes around 250.000 permanent residents. However the number of persons that apply for immigration programs is much higher than that. Today’s post is about the reason why some people succeed in their immigration processes and

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Citizenship applications – new procedures

Permanent residents applying for citizenship should be more careful and pay attention to every detail of the application, as the government has new procedures effective immediately – the incomplete files will be returned.

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