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Temporary resident visa

Temporary resident visa The blog of Martineau & MindicanuA Canadian Temporary Resident Visa is an authorization to enter Canada and it expires once you enter the country (in the case of the single entry ones, very uncommon these days) or when the deadline is passed (if you have a multiple entry visa, usually issued in 90% of the cases).
When you get your visa you will notice a period of validity on it. Many people think that they have to get in and out during that period. False. You are authorized to enter Canada before the deadline, but you can stay longer. The maximum length of stay is usually 6 months, unless the border agent puts a different date under the entry stamp.

Temporary resident visa The blog of Martineau & MindicanuLet’s say for instance that your visa says 22/12/2001 – 30/06/2002 just like in the picture. This is the validity of the visa, which means you can enter Canada even on the last day of June.
From that point you can stay in Canada for 6 months if your entry stamp looks like the left one in the picture. However in some cases the officer may consider that you should leave earlier, so he will put a note under your stamp.
It is very important to leave Canada before your status expires; failure to do so can have serious consequences. Therefore if you plan to stay longer, you should apply for extension one month before deadline.

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  1. What is meant with “status?” Is the status the expiry date on the visa (TRV) or is the expiry date the date which the officer stamped? My visa (TRV) is valid until the 29th of October 2012 and I entered Canada on the 2nd of June 2011. My work permit/stamp expired on the 2nd of June 2012. I had a 1 year work permit since my entry into Canada. Can I still apply for an extension because my visa is valid until the 29th of October 2012?

    1. The answer to your questions is no.
      Your visa is the authorization to enter Canada, which meant that you had the right to enter Canada until this date. Your status as a worker started on the day when you entered Canada (02/06/2011) and was valid for one year. You should have applied for renewal of your worker status before June 2 (if your status was renewable). 90 days after this date you could have applied for restoration of status.
      If you did not request renewal, restoration or change of status, you are now out of status in Canada.
      What your TRV allows you to do anytime before October 29, 2012 is to re-enter Canada (in case it is a multiple-entry visa), however your status will be of a visitor, without the right to work. Whether you will be allowed to enter Canada or not will be at the decision of the border agent.

  2. This post concerns my case.
    If I follow you well, I have a visa which will allow me to enter Canada till Feb 2013.
    My question is: what does the long diagonal bar (long slash) mean?

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