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Canadian Temporary Resident Visa

Canadian Temporary Resident Visa The blog of Martineau & MindicanuAre you planning to travel to Canada? Find out who needs a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), what are the chances to obtain one, what can be done if the visa is refused, for how long the visa is issued and other important details.

Who needs a TRV?
Citizens of 147 countries of the world need a visa to enter or transit Canada. To see if your country is on the list click here.
About one million people apply for a visa annually. The approval rate is quite high and 90% of those are multiple entry visas.
Assessed factors
Each application for a TRV is assessed individually based on the purpose of the visit, the probability of leaving Canada at the end of the authorized stay, the financial situation of the applicant. The officer must be satisfied that the applicant has no criminal background, is in good health and does not represent a threat to the Canadian society.
Here are some factors that can strengthen the application: properties that you own, stable income in your country of citizenship/residence, having respected visa regimes in the past, good travel history, enough funds for the trip.
You should check with your local visa office whether the documents in support of your application require translations into English/French and/or certified copies.
How long does it take?
The usual processing times are of 5-10 business days, however you should check with your local visa office to find out how long it takes in your case.
Visa refused. What can I do?
There is no appeal process if you disagree with officer’s decision and the fees are not refundable. What you can do is to re-apply, paying the processing fees again. However you should include new documents in support of the request, otherwise it is unlikely for the application to be accepted.
New applications should include all the supporting documents and additional proofs not submitted first time that you consider relevant and important.
Online or on paper?
The result is the same though the online system is easy to manage and we recommend it.
Visa issued. What’s next?
Congratulations, you are allowed to travel to Canada. Visitors can usually stay for up to 6 months, with the possibility of extension before the expiration of the status. To understand better the validity of your visa and the eventual notes made by the border officer we invite you to read our blog entry on this topic. Bon voyage!
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  1. Hi Mihaela,
    That was a good post. Does the multiple-entry visa last 5 years like American multiple-entry visa??

  2. Hello Mihaela,
    is it possible to come one a TRV and get enrolled in a university or college for one year, after that apply for residence-ship?
    Thank you.

    1. The application for a study permit is done outside Canada, therefore the fact that you are a visitor in Canada will not change anything. It will help you however have a better idea about the education institutions and living expenses.
      The possibility to apply for permanent residence after graduation will depend on the province, program of study and immigration requirements in force at that time.

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