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The Quebec program is partially closed

On March 21, 2012 the Ministry of Quebec made a decision that will impact many Quebec candidates. Immigration will be limited to a certain number of professions, and to persons who have studied or worked in Canada for one year. Many details and changes that are implied are not made public yet, but here is what we should be expecting.

Under the Skilled Worker category there will be no limit of applications for the following candidates:
–          Who have worked in Quebec for one year or who are currently working with a work permit valid for at least one year. Probably this category will exclude those who applied for refugee status or for humanitarian and compassionate grounds
–          Who have obtained a Quebec diploma (generally of minimum one year) or who are currently studying a program of minimum one year
–          Who are in Quebec on a Working Holiday permit
–          Who have a profession that gives 12 or 16 points for the field of studies
–          Whose profession gives 6 points
–          Who hold a permanent job offer
–          Who have a special authorization from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to apply for permanent residence inside
–          Who are temporarily in Quebec and used to be citizens before
–          Who have obtained a Quebec diploma of a minimum of one year
The program will be closed for everyone else until further notice.
There is a limit of 2700 applications for investors, 215 for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons. These categories are currently closed until July 31, 2013.
This news is like a cold shower for those who are not part of the above mentioned categories and where about to apply. In December the language tests were made mandatory. Few months after that, candidates who were trying hard to pass the examinations in order to be able to apply, found out that the translations were mandatory too and that notarized copies are not accepted anymore for some documents. And today we find out that Quebec, who used to be the most opened province to immigration, closes some doors.
This means that those who are really motivated have to adapt. Studying (in Quebec or the country of residence) or obtaining a job offer may be the only way for those who are not eligible anymore.
These changes are in force until July 31, 2013.

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14 Responses

  1. Hmmm,I’m not the right person to judge,but it might be the immigrants fault,too.
    But what will happen with people who got their CSQ,and are now going further with the second Dossier?

  2. how about those who have ACC/OUV since 2011 and where waiting for a invitation for interview?

  3. What about the persons that have already applied for a CSQ and are waiting for an interview???

    1. Costi and Catalin, the changes refer to the new applications, there was no news published about the files already submitted

  4. thanks for the answer,let`s hope the new changes refer only to new applications and not to old ones,because this process has eat one year of my life and my family`s life and maybe 2 more until we hope we will get to canada(quebec),but to find out that they take our money and now leave us like some old machines will be inhuman.

  5. Yep, I hope that won’t be any problem also for those who already submitted their application at the end of 2011and are awaiting for ACC/OUV…

  6. Thank you for this blog.
    I have some questions:
    1.”Persons whose profession give 6 points (we will publish the list soon)” – do You mean 6 points for the field of studies?
    2. ”Under the Skilled Workers category there will be a limit of 14300 applications received between March 21, 2012 and March 31, 2013.” – what will happen after that?
    3. Is there a website, official link where this information was published?
    Thank you in advance,

    1. It is not mandatory to hire a representative. However if you choose to do so, please note that the only persons who are authorized by the Canadian government to represent you are Quebec immigration consultants , lawyers and Quebec notaries.

  7. Hello!
    What if we hold a valid CSQ, but in the meantime the family structure has changed? (our son is born) We follow the new procedure and send the documents in Sydney, Nova Scotia?
    Thank you!

    1. To get a CSQ for your son you need to contact the Quebec Authorities. If your federal file wasn’t submitted yet, then you should send all documents to Sydney, including your son’s CSQ. However if your file was sent already, you should contact the embassy responsible for your country.

  8. hi,
    1. i have computer engineering degree, this means that i am in “Whose profession gives 6 points”, so i can apply without any issue ?
    2. do i need to fill my application with french or English will be ok?
    3. in the documents list
    it says that
    “To certify the legality of your work experience:
    • Proof of your social security contributions or proof of exemption from payment of
    social security premiums
    If you cannot provide proof of social security contributions or proof of exemption
    from payment of social security premiums, you must provide proof of payment of
    income tax.”
    i am working in GCC (kuwait ) where there is no income tax or anything … how i can o certify the legality of my work experience?

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