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Quebec immigration: professions that give 6 points

Quebec immigration: professions that give 6 points The blog of Martineau & MindicanuThe latest changes in the Quebec Immigration Regulations announced that there is a limit of 14300 applications for the below listed professions per year (March 21, 2012 – March 31, 2013). In order to qualify, the main applicant or the spouse should have a diploma in one of the listed fields. For the points to be awarded, the degree should be obtained in the last 5 years, or the candidate should have at least 1 year of work experience in the field, acquired in the last 5 years.

Actuarial Scienc Public Administration
Business Administration Agriculture
Accounting Architecture
Dietetics and Nutrition Landscape Architecture
Training of Special Education Teachers (remedial
Food Engineering Teaching at the Preschool and Elementary Levels
Chemical Engineering Teaching at the Secondary Level
Biological and Biomedical Engineerin Teaching in Vocational
Civil, Construction and Transportation Engineering Agricultural and Rural Engineering
Computer Engineering Pulp and Paper Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering
Geodesy (surveying) Industrial and Administrative Engineering
Human Resources Management Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Business Management and Administration Psychoeducation
Mathematics Industrial Relations
Microbiology Community Health and Epidemiology
Computer Science Biological Sciences
Food Sciences and Technology Exercise Sciences
Social Work Basic or Applied Health Sciences
Translation Physical Science
Urban Planning
Mining Hearing Aids
Applied Geology Fashion Marketing
Restaurant Management Graphics
Mineral Processing Navigation
3D Animation and Image Synthesis Techniques Pre-Hospital Emergency Care
Office System Techniques Urban Planning Techniques
Accounting and Management Techniques Denturology Techniques
Mechanical Engineering Techniques Industrial Design Techniques
Transportation Logistics Techniques Dietetic Techniques
Computer Science Techniques Marine Mechanical Engineering Techniques
Aircraft Maintenance Techniques Hotel Management Techniques
Physical Rehabilitation Techniques Tourism Techniques
Animal Health Techniques Medical Electrophysiology Techniques
Social Work Techniques Environmental Techniques
Early Childhood Education Techniques Legal Techniques
Special Care Counselling Techniques Police Techniques
Respiratory Therapy Techniques Professional Music and Song Techniques
Multimedia Integration Techniques Naval Architecture Technology
Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention Techniques Electronics Technology
Orthotic and Orthopedic ProsthesisTechniques Industrial Electronics Technology
Furniture and Cabinetmaking Techniques Computer Science and Digital Systems Technology
Biomedical Laboratory Techniques Animal Production Technology
Geomatics Technology Agromechanical Engineering Technology
Building Systems Technology Industrial Engineering Technology
Architectural Technology Metallurgical Engineering Technology
Building Appraisal and Assessment Technology Physics Technology
Industrial Maintenance Technology Paper Mill Technology
Seafood Processing
Surveying and Topography Calorifugeage
Home Care Interior Decorating and Display
Calorifugeage Automated Systems Electromechanics
Automotive Body Repair and Repainting Drilling and Dynamiting
Carpentry and Woodworking Elevator Mechanics
Accounting Installation of Electrical Transmission Lines
Construction Machine Operation Structural and Architectural Assembly
Moulding Machine Set-up and Operation Desktop Publishing
Professional Cooking Home Electrical Appliance Repair
Residential and Commercial Drafting Electronic Audio/Video Equipment Repair
Industrial Design Secretarial Studies
Cabinetmaking Business Equipment Technical Service
Ore Extraction Sale of Mechanical Parts and Accessories
Installation and Maintenance of Security Systems
Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment
Agricultural Mechanics
Automobile Mechanics
Stationary Machine Mechanics
Fire Protection Mechanics
Heavy Road Equipment Mechanics
Construction Machine Mechanics
Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics
Glass Products Assembly and Installation
Production Equipment Operation
Pastry Making
Commercial and Residential Painting
Flexible Pavement Installation
Concrete Preparation and Finishing
Decorative Upholstering
Health, Assistance, and Nursing
Food and Beverage Services
Computer Support
Sale of Fishery Products

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11 Responses

  1. Hello,
    I am very sorry beforehand, if this is not the right place to ask. Well, my question am I eligible for 6 points having an undergraduate Degree (Jan, 2008 – Apr, 2011) in Computer Science? The second column Quebec degree (or equivalent, and I guess UW is equivalent) does not have Computer Science. Canadian degree is not a foreign degree. Does this give me 0 points? Strange

    1. Dear Agerke,
      No need to apologize, on the contrary I thank you for taking the time to visit our blog and write a comment. Computer Science does give 6 points, and if you graduated from a Canadian University (University of Winnipeg, or U. of Western Ontario?), then this gives you 12 points. Please feel free to contact us at or through our contact page should you a personalized counsel.
      Best regards!

  2. Dear Sir/Madam
    I have accountancy professional qualifications from UK
    It is called ACCA(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).I am a senior fellow member of the association .How many points I will get for my education as I have also had my 3 year compulsory practical training to get my membership of the association

    1. Hi Asfandyar, to give you an exact answer we would need to look at your diploma and transcripts. Generally speaking, for a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, obtained outside Quebec less than 5 years ago, 6 points would be awarded.

  3. Hello ,
    I hope you can help me.I have a Physics and Computer Science foreign bachelor degree (finished in 2007) and my current job description in Canada ,0911 Manufacturing managers , is a skill level A occupation under NOC 2011.How many points will I get for my education and work experience now ? I’ve worked for the last 2 years as administrator. Can I apply now for a Demande de certificat de sélection in November and immigrate under Quebec-selected skilled workers or should I wait until the application process opens in April 2013 ?

  4. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I have completed my bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from India this year. I want to immigrate to Quebec. I come under `6 points` category, Right now I am learning french. What are the chances of my selection and How much time the whole process takes? I will be very thankful if you can help me in this.

  5. Hello,
    I have a master’s degree in “Electrical and Computer Engineering” from UBC in Canada. I have seen on the QC points grid that “Computer Engineering” qualifies for 12 points, while “Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering” qualifies for 6 points. Do you have any idea where they would place my degree? I seem to be stuck in the middle.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear Sam,
      That is a very good question. If your degree is more focused on the hardware and building of computers, it will most likely be worth 12 points. The rule of thumb is to compare each course from your UBC course outline with that of a computer engineering in a Quebec university. If you see that at least 66% of the courses of your degree are linked to the computer engineering course outlines of a Quebec university, then you have strong chances of having the 12 points.
      Good luck and all the best!

      1. Thanks for your helpful reply! I confirmed this with Immigration QC as well. For others reading this, it’s worth noting that the immigration agent will not amend the degree you put on the application form. So if they were not satisfied that my courses were equivalent to my claimed computer engineering degree, they would reject the application, rather than change it to an electrical engineering degree.

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