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Good and bad news for parents and grandparents

Good and bad news for parents and grandparents The blog of Martineau & MindicanuVisas for 10 years, shorter processing times for the sponsorship applications in process and … suspension of the program. These are the changes that occurred lately for the parents and grandparents of the Canadian residents and citizens. For some these are great news, for others, not so much.
Super visa
Up until lately a multiple entry visa for five years granted the right to entry and leave Canada for an unlimited number of times, the maximum length of stay being of 6 months. To stay more than that, an extension of status was necessary. Citizenship and Immigration Canada comes with good news, starting December 1 they will issue the new Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, which will allow relatives to stay with their families in Canada on a temporary basis for up to two years.
Accelerated process for those who have already applied
If you have already made a sponsorship application for your parents or grandparents, you will be happy to find out that the process will be accelerated. It was evaluated recently that the process may take 10 to 14 years; on November 4 the authorities announced that the processing was accelerated.
Suspension of new applications
Starting November 5, Citizenship and Immigration Canada does not accept any sponsorship applications for parents and grandparents. The suspension was announced for an undetermined period of time. It is frustrating but the news may be good after all. Comparing to applying now and waiting 10 to 14 years for an answer, it may be faster to apply later and have shorter processing times.
However there is no guarantee that the program will open soon, if it ever will, which is why it may be good to consider other programs for your relatives. When one door closes, another may open.
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