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Old federal immigration files will be closed

Old federal immigration files will be closed The blog of Martineau & MindicanuIn order to remove the backlog of applications and to improve the immigration system, focus on the current need of skills on the market and on a better integration of the immigrants, the Canadian government made a decision shocking for those who applied for the Federal Skilled Worker process before February 2008.

Because of the enormous inventory, some people could have waited until 2017 for their application to be approved. Some of the candidates would not even meet the labour market needs anymore. For this reason the government made a decision: All unprocessed applications will be closed. This news will disappoint about 280,000 applicants.
The government will refund all fees to the candidates. Out of the total number there are some 20.000 who are lucky – those who have passed the selection criteria stage will not have their application closed.
This decision announced in Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 is a bad news for thousands of people who have waited up to eight years for an answer, who have wasted a lot of hopes, time and effort dreaming about a positive answer from the government. For everyone else it is good news, as this means less processing times for future applicants and better integration services. We will keep you updated on further news.

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4 Responses

  1. Oh my God!
    They are really crazy!
    What will happen to all those who waited for years, planned their lives according to an immigration to canada plan?
    No, Canada is the worst country to immigrate! If the Government [deleted by moderator] about 280 000 immigrants – what happens with their citizens??
    There are alternatives – a lot of them – any european country has immigration possibilities, with a better living standards, better healthcare systems, better culture and climate.

    1. I very well understand the frustration from this decision. However my point of view is that, on the contrary, this decision was made out of consideration for the people queued in a system that was not prepared to receive that many applications. It must have been a tough decision for the government to make, however would it really be a favour done to someone, to have them waiting another 4, 5, maybe 8 years, and finally accept them if their credentials, deemed fit to the Canadian job market back when they applied, would lead them to higher risk of unemployment and made it harder for them to integrate into Canadian society and labour market? I believe not.

  2. Mihaela thank you for this information. I applied on february 2006 and I did my last contact details update couple of years ago. How could I know if I am one of those old files that will be closed and how could I get my refund?
    Thank you so much in advance for this information.

    1. For now I suggest that you keep waiting. The Federal Skilled Worker proposal to terminate certain applications has not been enacted yet, for now the officers will continue with the processing of files, whether a selection decision has been rendered or not prior to March 29, 2012 (when the proposal was announced). We will publish news in this respect as soon as we have them.

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