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Why some people get to immigrate and others don’t

Why some people get to immigrate and others don’t The blog of Martineau & MindicanuEvery year the Canadian government welcomes around 250.000 permanent residents. However the number of persons that apply for immigration programs is much higher than that. Today’s post is about the reason why some people succeed in their immigration processes and others don’t, and it is not related to the immigration laws per se.

There is one important thing that needs to be kept in mind: your thoughts become things, your thoughts materialize. If you really want something and if you focus on that, you will see your wish come true.
We receive all kind of e-mails and phone calls from people all over the world, people with the intention to immigrate but who are not focusing on the right things. Here are some examples: I think I am too old for that, will they accept me? I don’t speak French, do I have a chance? I have no work experience, I did not get my license yet, I am divorced etc etc etc
We understand that every person has his own fears and issues, and we are always here to help them find solutions and reply their questions. However it is important to understand that your fears, bad feelings, anger will only bring you more of that, because what we want is what we get.
We are not saying that people should not care about the fact that they may not qualify for the immigration programs or should not take it serious; we are just inviting them not to focus on non-compliance. Instead they should have positive thoughts, which will generate good feelings and make them happy. Their happiness will attract more of that, and their wishes will become reality, one way or another.
If you made your mind about immigrating to Canada, believe in your project and visualize it, free yourself of don’t’s and can’t’s, think positive, because everything is possible. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (Paulo Coelho)

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  1. March 7, 2012 at 13:12
    Dear Mihaela…
    This article is amazing and is a true reality. Actually I’m in the Inmigration Proces to quebec and I have to say that this is a hard job and we have made efforts to achieve our dreams.
    As you say, every day people ask me about the proces, their intentions to inmigrate and the same feellings that you indicate, but it’s exactly what you say: What we want is that we get. It’s not enough if we wish get something if we don’t start to get all the pieces (information, people that brings solutions, experience, patiente) and the most important thing be focusing!
    That’s the attitude!
    thanks and I m just sharing it!

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