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Sponsorship news (2)

One of the big concerns of the Canadian Government is marriage fraud. The authorities are changing the immigration system constantly, to be able to protect the newcomers as well as the Canadian society properly. The new change proposed yesterday will

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Good and bad news for parents and grandparents

Visas for 10 years, shorter processing times for the sponsorship applications in process and … suspension of the program. These are the changes that occurred lately for the parents and grandparents of the Canadian residents and citizens. For some these

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Friday promotion – “Study to immigrate” contest

Today’s promotion is particular, you qualify if: You intend to live in the province of Quebec You aren’t eligible for the usual immigration programs You are ready to invest a certain capital in order to obtain the Canadian permanent residence

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Permanent residence via studies in Manitoba

Those who do not qualify for the immigration programs should know that there are other ways to apply for permanent residence. A good strategy would be to study a one or two years program in Manitoba and apply for permanent

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Quebec Experience program

At the beginning of 2010 the Quebec Government launched a new program leading to permanent residence – Quebec Experience program (Programme de l’expérience québécoise – PEQ). It was designed for those who are already integrated in the Quebec society as

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