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On October 13, 2011, in Tip of the week, by Mihaela Mindicanu

According to the federal immigration laws, full-time means 37.5 hours per week. If you are applying for Quebec you should know that in terms of immigration full-time means 30 hours per week. Therefore it is pretty simple to calculate the full-time equivalent in case you are working or have worked part time.

If someone has worked 15 hours per week for 3 years, it means 15/37.5 x 3 = 1.2 years of full-time experience if he is applying as a Federal Skilled worker. Under the Quebec programs it means 15/30 x 3 = 1.5 years of experience.

A period of work experience that exceeds full-time work in one occupation, or simultaneous periods of work experience in more than one full-time occupation, shall be evaluated as a single period of full-time work experience in a single occupation.

In other words if you worked more than 30 hours per week, it would not be counted. One year of experience at 60 hours per week would not be considered as the equivalent of two years.

The experience has to be legally obtained and remunerated to be taken into consideration by the Canadian authorities. The work has to be performed in the last ten years for the Federal program and in the last five years for Quebec (for this province internships count as well). You can prove your experience with work contracts, payslips, tax declarations, certificates from the employer etc.

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