Canadian holidays: Thanksgiving

On October 10, 2011, in Life in Canada, by Mihaela Mindicanu

Canada is well-known for the beauty of its nature; fall is the season when you can enjoy a multitude of colors, amazing views and an extremely pleasant weather. I say it is the best time to travel if you want to admire the maple country in its entire beauty.

The second Monday of October is a day off in Canada, the whole nation takes a break to give thanks at the close of the harvest season. It is a statutory holiday all over Canada, except New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island where regardless of its status it is still celebrated.

On the North American continent this holiday has been celebrated for centuries, but few other countries have it as well, like Germany, Netherlands, India, Korea or Liberia.

People use to spend some time with their families and friends while enjoying a nice meal, the roasted turkey being the main course on the feast table.

On this special day I invite all of you to take a moment and think about what really matters in life and be GRATEFUL for everything you have.


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